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Achieve Financial Freedom

Posted by Paul Wilson

People Who Leverage Their Time Achieve Financial Freedom

I was talking to a Financial Planner last week and he was discussing with me two of his clients.

One client had a high paying job, was a well educated person, and was in an excellent position to direct some of his cash-flow income towards buying income producing assets such as “Investment Properties”, but didn’t get around to it.

The second client was in a lower paying job, his finances were in a mess and his financial structures were all wrong however he had managed to buy a good base of properties, most at the lower to middle end of the market, all had increased in value, if he sold them all today his equity gain would be $1,000,000.00 they were also producing positive cash-flow. He was well on his way to financial freedom – ahead of time all because he made small specific steps.

Client “A” had already spent a considerable number of years with the intention of one day doing something, but never quite getting around to doing it. The busier you are the higher the risk that you will always be too busy to book your ticket out of the rat race.

The longer you put off acting on your plan to escape the rat race the more expensive it becomes.

 Breaking down a very achievable goal of 10 investment properties achieving a rental income of $250 per week creates a passive income of $130,000 per year. By disciplining yourself to direct your cash-flow towards acquiring income producing assets you significantly increase your financial choices.

Interest rates are falling, and it is a great time to start building your property portfolio. To get off to a great start in the New Year, use the month of December to put your plan in place, become market ready and define a strategy that is specific to your personal goals and current financial position. Regardless of your income, available time or knowledge of where to start or what to buy, it is time to take action.

Our Team at We Find Houses are passionate about the outcomes we achieve for our clients, don’t leave your financial future to the few hours of the day or night you have free to try and find the ideal property, not to mention the amount of time needed to go through the buying process. Leverage your time, engage us as part of your team and we will do all the hard for you.

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