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Property Investing Strategies: How To Deal With Market Ups And Downs

Posted by Paul Wilson

I thought I would write about changing investment strategies, as some of my clients find that after years of using one strategy they are seriously looking at other strategies in this financial climate.


Why Would You Change Investment Strategies

The past couple of years have been amazing in that we have seen things happen in the finance and housing sectors that we have never seen before.


What with the banks now deciding to run their own race and change interest rates as and when they see fit, and the housing market still operating in ‘go slow’ mode, it can be somewhat confusing.


These two factors alone have got property investors wondering if they should be changing their investment strategies.


The property cycles have been there for more years than I care to remember and if you have been doing any research into the property investment fields, which I am sure you have, you may be wondering when this present cycle is going to change.


Experienced investors know that there is little they can do to change the property cycle and at times they just have to sit through it. In saying that, when the cycles do go on for a long time investors do start getting to a point where they want to take some control of their wealth growth and start looking at changing strategies with their property investing.


What can be detrimental though is to start multi-tasking with your investment strategies. By that I mean taking on more of the jobs relating to your property and not giving your time to growing your wealth through strategic financial and real estate planning.


As each case is different due to income, finances, age, property portfolio and more, there is no general rule. So do remember that if you want to talk to me about your property investment issues you can call me for an obligation free chat on PH 1800 600 890 or email me at

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