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Regional centres to boom in 2010

Posted by Paul Wilson

According to a new article from founder Terry Ryder, 2010 is the “year of the regional centre” and with 2009 being tough for a number of investors, many are looking for a higher returns in 2010. So where do investors look to improve better property returns? The answer is Australian regional centres.

 One near-certainty is that investors will replace first-home buyers as the most influential force in real estate in 2010. With the boost to the First Home Owner Grant ending in December 2009, and with a rise interest rates, first home buyers are becoming less likely to enter the property.

 We Find Houses Managing Director Paul Wilson says, “We are now moving into a phase where property upgraders and investors are developing as the key drivers of property market activity. And this is beginning to show up in data from lenders.”

 So where will the investors look to make their returns in 2010?

 Paul Wilson says, “ If you listen to the average punter who is fixated on inner-city suburbs and sea-change locations they will studiously avoid the locations that really do provide the best long-term capital gains, the cheaper suburbs and key regional centres.”

 “This year property hot spotter Terry Ryder has identified a number of regional centres where investors should turn to for good investment returns. He says locations outside the capital cities, where government and private investment on resources projects, transport infrastructure and water projects creates economic activity in locations such as Newcastle, Gladstone and Geraldton. Also development of resources projects and related infrastructure will mean West Australian regional towns such as Bunbury, Geraldton, Albany and Karratha will be buzzing with activity.”

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