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Termite Heaven In Rental Property

Posted by Paul Wilson

I have just finished watching the TV report on Channel 9 on termites in a rental property in NSW. Not only was I horrified I felt sickened to the stomach to think that an investor could do this to unsuspecting tenants.

The news item does show that it is not always the tenants at fault:

It is unbelievable to think that an investor could be so lacking in conscience that he could do what he has done to these tenants and still plans to do it again to the next lot of tenants.

He has obviously decided to keep taking rent until the house falls down around tenants ears because the termite problem is so bad that there is no way the property could be redeemed.

A very sad state.

Giant Termite Invasion

On Channel 7 they showed that there is a plague of Giant Termites coming down from the north of Australia, literally eating their way through houses, PVC, electrical cabling, and in fact anything that stands in their way.

I urge all landlords to have their investment properties inspected urgently and to have their properties inspected twice a year. Don’t forget the fences.

It is such a small cost to pay when compared to the cost that these beasts are reining on properties.

It does not seem to matter whether the properties are new or old, the affect is the same once the termites get a hold. Not only that they can destroy a home in a very short space of time.

Tips For Prevention

keep gardens away from the house if a garden is near the house then don’t cover it with bark or wood chip don’t have stacks of wood or old tree branches lying on the property spray regularly and even put in termite traps inspect regularly

Termite damage is so costly to repair and not only that, by the time they are noticeable they have already caused immense costly damage.

Inspect or face demolition – that can be the options.

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