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There's no time like the present... and I can prove it to you

Posted by Grace Mackay
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A little motivation to get off the fence.

Every year we see the market heat up around October and November. Buyers want to be in their new home by Christmas and sellers want to relax over the Christmas break with their property sold and maybe some extra cash in the bank.

After a few weeks of minimal activity, buyer interest suddenly picks up - often lead by those who are moving to a new location for work. Then the race is on to purchase a new house and settle in for the new school year.

So, what happens next? Quicker than you can say “I’ve already broken all my New Year’s resolutions”, the property market quietens as most people are focused on getting on with their life. Normally we get a couple of months of reduced demand and that is when we like to strike.

Less demand = less competition = greater opportunity for us to pick up a discounted property for our clients.

There are further benefits available to those who purchase now, thanks to our tax system. There are a number annual costs you can pay in full before June 30 and claim back as a tax deduction in July, providing a real boost to your cash flow.

Speak to your accountant to ensure you are legally maximising your tax breaks, however some of the items you can claim include:

  • Pest control
  • Body corporate / strata management fees
  • Council rates
  • Water rates
  • Insurance
  • Costs in obtaining a tenant
  • Key cutting
  • Travelling expenses
  • Prepaid interest
  • Legal expenses associated with mortgage documents
  • Cleaning expenses (rubbish removal)
  • Gardening expenses (tree trimming, etc)
  • Repairs and maintenance (providing the damage occurred after settlement)
  • Quantity Surveyor fees

And the cherry on top… We Find Houses can do all the hard work for - locating the right investment property for your needs and putting you on the right path to reach your financial goals, while freeing up your time to follow up on those well intentioned New Year’s resolutions and goals.

So call We Find Houses today to cash in while the time is right.

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