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What will you do differently this new year?

Posted by Paul Wilson

2016 has arrived meaning now is the time to reflect on what you have achieved in the past year and start goal setting for the new year.

I find this time of year so refreshing – it’s a time spent with friends and family, enjoying the frivolities of the season.

And it also provides the time to actually stop and think - a luxury not usually afforded during the busyness of the year.

Whether you’ve achieved your goals or not in the past year, the new year spells a fresh start.

Instead of the loose ‘resolution’ you made on New Year’s Eve, use this opportunity to set real, measurable targets with a firm deadline in place.

If your aim is to buy your first (or perhaps second, third, fourth or more!) investment property this year, make it happen.

Through deadline-oriented goal setting, your dream will become a reality.

Here’s how set targets to achieve your property dreams.

First off, you must set a timeline for what you're trying to achieve.

If retirement and/or financial freedom is your goal, this deadline is most likely a certain age e.g. 65 years old.

If the aim is to purchase a property during 2016, set a clear date for when you want to have achieved this.

The next step is to work backwards from your ultimate ideal and pinpoint those milestones along the way that will result in achieving your goal.

For the long-term retirement goal, you’ll need to determine how many properties you need to own outright (debt free) to generate the required cash flow in retirement.

For the property buyer, this could be your weekly budgeting that allows you to either accumulate a deposit or pay off your home loan – which will help release more equity for your next purchase.

You can even set mini targets such as dates to look at properties and go to auctions, or when to enlist a buyer’s agent to help you.

Kick of the new year proactively – with your goal-oriented plan in place.

As the saying goes, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’

Goal setting is an important part of planning and if done correctly, will lead to success.

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